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A recent survey of Chinese young people indicates that Chinese youth possess a high degree of national identity, with 93.5 percent of the respondents answering that they "would still like to be Chinese if there is a life that follows this one," China Youth Daily reported on Dec 11.

The survey, jointly conducted in mid-November by China Youth Daily, a Chinese website for volunteer services with the URL, and the Communist Youth League of China WeChat public account, for which was adopted a set of five descriptions derived from a survey produced by the Institute of Sociology of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to measure the national identity of China"s young people.

As it turned out, the survey indicated that the degree of national identity of the respondent Chinese youth was equivalently 8.84 out of 10 points based on the scores of the five descriptions.

Specifically, it"s revealed by the survey that 96.1 percent of the respondents clearly expressed that they "often feel proud of China"s accomplishments," 93.5 percent of the respondent youth confirmed that "I would still like to be Chinese if there is a life that follows this one," 88.6 percent of the respondents expressed that "No matter what happens to China, I would still stay in the country even if there is a chance to leave," 82.8 percent of the respondents agreed that "When people criticize Chinese people, I feel like they are criticizing me," and 60.1 percent of the respondents expressed that they "would often be embarrassed about some existing problems in the country".

Besides, regarding the question "how is the overall situation of China"s social development since the year 1978", 92.9 percent of the respondent young Chinese held that the country is "moving in a good direction", up 3 percentage points when compared with results from the year 1998 when the same question was asked in a survey of Chinese youth carried out by China Youth Daily.

"I have a primitive dependency on my country. I am Chinese," said Huang Yitian (assumed name), a junior at Renmin University of China, who expressed that she feels proud of the accomplishments of China all the time, which she thought is a very simple and natural feeling as they live in the country and can always enjoy the tangible results from the country"s development and feel the evolution of the Chinese culture.

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