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Zhang Xiwu, former deputy head of China"s State-owned assets supervisory authority, has been demoted for "serious disciplinary violations", the country"s top anti-graft authority announced on Monday.

Zhang, 59, has been removed from his position as deputy head of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and from his Party positions, and has been demoted to a bureau-level, non-leadership post, according to the Communist Party of China"s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

The CCDI said he will no longer serve as a delegate to the 18th CPC National Congress and his ill-gotten gains will be confiscated.

Zhang, also former deputy secretary of the SASAC CPC Committee, seriously violated the Party"s code of conduct and relevant rules involving canvassing for his election, and inquired about information related to inspections over alleged graft issues, according to the CCDI.

The CCDI said he failed to perform his duties in running the Party strictly, while obstructing an investigation into him.

He was also found to have abused his power to gain benefits for his family members in terms of jobs promotions, and carried out profitable activities.

Between 2003 and 2017, Zhang served as the deputy general manager and manager as well as chairman and Party chief of Shenhua Group - a national coal and electricity giant - before being promoted to the post of deputy head of the SASAC.

Since November 2012, when the new leadership took office, the country has conducted a sweeping drive to fight against "tigers" and "flies", referring to high-ranking and low-ranking officials.

According to the top anti-graft watchdog, more than 150 high-ranking officials at ministerial level or above have been probed for alleged graft, including Zhou Yongkang, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in June 2015.

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